Monday, February 05, 2007

Nintendo World is still the place to score system & accessories

If you know anyone still searching for a system, the Nintendo Store in NY gets a daily shipment of 50-100 systems a day - and a similar number of Wii-motes and nunchuks. They don't take pre-orders, but at least the days of waiting in line through the night appear to be over. The store opens at 9AM Mon-Sat and if you get in line by 7AM, it appears that you'll get your system. However, they are all gone by about 9:30AM and Wii-motes are usually gone by 10AM.

I'm just shocked that people are still lining up in the cold for the system a month+ after the holdidays were over. I love my system, just never thought that the demand would still be this high.

Venturing out there tomorrow morning to try and score a remote and nunchuk for Charlie's co-worker. Wish me luck.

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Jonathan said...

Thanks SO much for getting me an extra controller! Tennis match anyone? :)