Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dsi XL is here!

If you like the DS Lite, the DSi XL is even better. Launched in the US, the sales is not expected to be as much as the DS Lite.

DSi XL is available for $190

This is basically a BIGGER DS Lite, about 50% bigger, and I'll get one for my 70 year old mom.

But please note. People who already own a DSi and have purchased downloadable games will not be able to transfer them over or redownload them on a DSi XL.

-- Robin Low

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nintendo 3DS Coming This Year With Force Feedback

Finally, after my Nintendo DS broke, I have been waiting for the new version to come out. I've waiting E3 after E3 and finally, its going to be here!

It will also have a 3D joystick and force feedback, and who knows, it may also have accelerometer and other good stuff we commonly find in cell phone!

I sure hope its comes with more puzzle games and interesting ways of playing it like how the Wii revolution change the console gaming.

Read more about it here.

-- Robin Low

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toddler Dies After Mistaking Gun for Wii Controller

I don't get it.

Does this
Look like this?


Playing computer games, Wii or not, I don't think any computer game's name should be used when a toddler shoots herself with a gun.

Guns should not be on the TABLE.

I think even a toddle that plays the Wii can point the gun in the right way.

I've handled one of these 9mm,

1) The trigger is not light. It does take effort to pull the trigger.
2) It is much heavier than a Wiimote.
3) It does not look like a Wiimote.

I've handled a Wiimote with a gun attachment

1) You do not point the "long part" and fire at yourself.

I have a question:

Why do people in Tennessee leave loaded guns at home?

For a 3 year old to pull the trigger, it might be cocked too!

Time to get more responsible parents.

"I believe that something positive will come out of this -- that another family won't go through the heartbreak of this family,"

Damn, I think the stepfather must be blamed for the unfortunate accident.

Guns don't kill.
Leaving loaded and armed guns on the table for toddlers do.

-- Robin Low