Friday, February 09, 2007

Grabbed off - Online Play Finally Coming?

Developers Finally Getting Wii Online Dev Kits

In an interview with the Mercury News, Reggie Fils-Aime goes on record stating that developers are finally getting the kits they need to make their titles online capable.  More…

Monday, February 05, 2007

Nintendo World is still the place to score system & accessories

If you know anyone still searching for a system, the Nintendo Store in NY gets a daily shipment of 50-100 systems a day - and a similar number of Wii-motes and nunchuks. They don't take pre-orders, but at least the days of waiting in line through the night appear to be over. The store opens at 9AM Mon-Sat and if you get in line by 7AM, it appears that you'll get your system. However, they are all gone by about 9:30AM and Wii-motes are usually gone by 10AM.

I'm just shocked that people are still lining up in the cold for the system a month+ after the holdidays were over. I love my system, just never thought that the demand would still be this high.

Venturing out there tomorrow morning to try and score a remote and nunchuk for Charlie's co-worker. Wish me luck.

2221 Points in Wii Tennis!!

I hit 2221 points in tennis today.

After playing perfectly for several games, I managed to get 2199 points, but a 40-30 win made me lose points and after winning several 40-30, I dropped to 2178!

I made some soup and composed myself to 5 straight perfect games, and the net result after the games today... 2221 baby!!

Wiilympics... here I come!

First Boston Wiilympics!

We hereby summon all able bodied players to join us for our first Wiilympics! Match your skill against other athletes in an epic Wii Sports tournament to be held the afternoon of February 17th! Win glory and earn the envy and admiration of your adversaries!
  1. Create your own country to represent.
  2. Build your own team of five players. Must include at least one girl.
  3. Each player has a specialty sport in which they will compete.
Location TBD. I hear River Gods in Cambridge holds regular Guitar Hero events. I'll call them to see if they'll host us for our Wiilympics.
Send me your team list, comments and suggestions on how to make this event even more awesome!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wii Music and Ringtones

This guy has extracted the Wii music for use as ringtones etc. All MP3 files.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Tennis @ 2150

Damn, tennis has no love.

I played a game and won 40-30, yet I lost points to the computer...

You only get points from 40-0 perfect games.

Wii age 26 now..


Bowling, I got 6 straight 245 today, making my score 1452 on bowling, but with a 180, I actually lost 40 points though I had all strikes and spares...

Rough day...

--Iron Bowl