Monday, February 05, 2007

First Boston Wiilympics!

We hereby summon all able bodied players to join us for our first Wiilympics! Match your skill against other athletes in an epic Wii Sports tournament to be held the afternoon of February 17th! Win glory and earn the envy and admiration of your adversaries!
  1. Create your own country to represent.
  2. Build your own team of five players. Must include at least one girl.
  3. Each player has a specialty sport in which they will compete.
Location TBD. I hear River Gods in Cambridge holds regular Guitar Hero events. I'll call them to see if they'll host us for our Wiilympics.
Send me your team list, comments and suggestions on how to make this event even more awesome!


Iron Bowl said...

I pick Larry!!

He trains hard!! (Like Rock Lee!!)

Jason Scott said...

Bastard! That whole weekend is booked. Catvaniya must withdraw.

Alex Shum said...

You just had to make it on Chinese New Year's, didn't ya?