Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow. 3-D in 3DS?

E3 2010: Nintendo breaks down the 3DS

3D without the 3D Glasses -- Seriously bad ass. If they do it.

Konno says Nintendo has experimented with glasses-free 3D in the past, but problems with achieving the correct screen resolution and costs stalled the company's efforts.

"But recent advances in the technology allowed Nintendo to finally create a 3D-capable device. "It is a great combination of a handheld console and 3D technology because carrying it around, taking pictures in 3D, instantly being able to look at it in 3D … it is very suitable for a handheld machine," says Konno."

Definitely looking like the next killer handheld device of the next level. Hope it comes with cool games.

-- Robin Low