Friday, January 19, 2007

Wii Sports: Bowling Tips

To change the bowling ball color: When the screen fades to black after selecting bowling, press and hold the control pad in a set direction until the screen fades into the game. The ball colors are as follows:

  • Red Ball: Press and hold left on control pad
  • Gold Ball: Press and hold right on control pad
  • Green Ball: Press and hold down on control pad
  • Blue Ball: Press and hold up on the control pad

For strikes:

To have a high chance of strike, aim the ball so that it hits the side of the front pin. Depending on your throw, you may have a slight curve, so move your guy with the directional pad and press A to aim, then throw the ball.

For spares:

To bowl the ball straight down the lane, release the ball at the highest point so it drops on the lane before rolling, making sure to not rotate your Wiimote. This make the ball roll relatively straight for the easy spares.

Most of my games are strikes and spares, and I've bowled several 221 point games... Still trying to break that though...

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