Sunday, March 04, 2007

Warioware Wii -- Revisited.

Warioware is a pretty fun game, with very interesting way of using the Wii controller.

The graphics is kinda bad, but it works for the game.

For one player mode, not being able to skip to the game is sometimes annoying.

Multiplayer mode unlocks when you completed the Single player mode.

The forms are very interesting way of using the controller.

Here are the forms and where you get them:

1) The Remote Control (You start with this form) - Wario

The Handlebar and The Umbrella - Mona

The Sketch Artist, The Chauffeur, and The Samurai - Kat and Ana

The Tug-of-War, The Waiter, and The Elephant - Young Cricket.

The Thumb Wrestler, The Discard, and The Big Cheese - Ashley

The Finger Food, The Boxer, and The Mortar and Pestle - Penny

The Janitor, The Mohawk, and The Dumbbell - Dribble and Spitz

There are 18 forms in total and mastering all the different forms are very challenging.

There are many interesting thing you could do with all the different forms and learning how to use the forms within 3 seconds may be quite hard at times.


Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode ranges from 2-5 players to 2-12 players. It makes a great drinking game, but all the players should at least played through the game once to learn the forms.

It is also pretty stupid as passing the controller sometimes take a long time and putting the wrist strap on is essential as levels may require you to srop the controller...

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